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Dentistry For Children Specialist

Tran Family Dentistry

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Throughout the transitions of growing baby teeth, losing them, and developing adult teeth, your child’s oral health changes rapidly and needs quality care. At Tran Family Dentistry in Federal Way, Washington, dentists Binh Tran, DDS, MAGD, and Ryan Tran, DDS, offer preventive care and dentistry services for children. Call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule a dental appointment for your child today.

Dentistry for Children Q&A

What is dentistry for children?

Dentistry for children is a lot like adult dentistry in that it includes preventive care and treatment for oral health issues that already exist. However, children’s dentistry also considers needs that are specific to children. 

At Tran Family Dentistry, the team wants to make trips to the dentist easy for kids. The dentist’s office can seem scary to children at first, so the team prioritizes positivity when kids come into the office. They provide attentive care for your child and can teach you how to help them practice oral hygiene at home. 

Why is dentistry important for children?

Starting your child’s oral health care early in life helps to set up a foundation for great oral health and hygiene in the future. The health of your child’s baby teeth plays a role in determining the health of their adult teeth that grow in later. 

Helping your child practice preventive oral hygiene can help prevent issues as their adult teeth erupt and keep tooth decay at bay. The team at Tran Family Dentistry provides regular exams and cleanings for kids as well as sealants to help protect their teeth from harmful bacteria.

When should my child have their first dentist’s visit?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), kids should have their first visit to the dentist shortly after their first tooth emerges. This usually means a child’s first visit should be before they turn one year old. 

At that first visit and all other children’s dental visits thereafter, the team at Tran Family Dentistry performs a comprehensive examination of your child’s mouth and encourages you to ask questions about their diet and habits in relation to their teeth. 

How can children practice oral hygiene at home?

Dentistry for children doesn’t stop when you leave the office. The team at Tran Family Dentistry can teach you and your child to care for your child’s teeth at home between dental visits to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other complications. 

They recommend:

  • Limiting sugary and acidic foods and drinks
  • Brushing and flossing twice a day
  • Keeping up with your child’s regular oral exams and cleanings
  • Only putting water in your baby’s bottle for bedtime
  • Using a damp washcloth to clean your baby’s gums
  • Visiting the dentist right away after a dental emergency

You can make going to the dentist less intimidating for your child by avoiding words like “pain” or “drilling” and speaking positively about it. This will help them feel confident and unafraid about future appointments.

To find out more about dentistry for children or to schedule your child’s next visit, call Tran Family Dentistry or reserve an appointment online today.