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Dental Exam Specialist

Tran Family Dentistry

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Oral health issues don’t always come with symptoms, and they can wreak havoc on your mouth before you even know they exist. At Tran Family Dentistry in Federal Way, Washington, Binh Tran, DDS, MAGD, and Ryan Tran, DDS, offer comprehensive dental exams using state-of-the-art imaging to view all parts of your mouth and jaw. To book your next dental exam, call Tran Family Dentistry or reserve an appointment online today.

Dental Exam Q&A

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is a professional evaluation of your oral health and functioning. At Tran Family Dentistry, the team provides regular dental exams to help you maintain your oral health and make the most of your oral hygiene routine. 

You should come in for a dental exam at Tran Family Dentistry once every six months. You might need more frequent dental exams if you’re managing an oral health condition or if you’re at high risk for certain conditions. 

Your dental exams are a great opportunity for you to ask questions about your oral health. You can also get a professional cleaning during your dental exam appointment, so you’ll leave the office with a smile that glows and feels fresh. 

What happens during a dental exam?

Your dental exam involves several steps that help you and your dentist gain a better understanding of the state of your oral health. During your dental exam at Tran Family Dentistry, the team may:

  • Clean and polish your teeth
  • Remove surface stains
  • Check for bite and jaw complications
  • Assess your risk for tooth decay and gum disease
  • Take X-rays or 3D scans
  • Evaluate your mouth with an intraoral camera
  • Discuss your oral hygiene routine and your diet
  • Educate you about the proper brushing technique
  • Perform an oral cancer screening
  • Take impressions to evaluate your bite or make restorations

The team asks about your oral health history, the medications you take, your lifestyle habits, and other factors that put you at a higher-than-average risk for developing tooth decay and other complications. They also assess your need for additional treatments and restorations. 

Why are dental exams important?

Dental exams are an essential part of anyone’s oral health care routine. They provide your dentist with the opportunity to identify signs of dental health issues early on in their development when they’re easiest to treat. 

Additionally, dental exams can help prevent oral health issues in the first place. The team may recommend orthodontic treatments, fluoride treatments, bite guards, and other measures to help protect your teeth from damage and decay.

They select preventive treatments for you based on your unique genetic and lifestyle risks. During your dental exam, you can also learn better habits to use at home while caring for your teeth. 

Book your next comprehensive dental exam at Tran Family Dentistry by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool today.