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Closeup before and after photo of Federal Way, WA woman smiling about her teeth whitening treatment by her dentist.Our staff at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates can give you a smile to be proud of. Whitening your teeth is the easiest way to get the largest impact on the overall look of your teeth. With both in office and at home options, we can help you create the look you want, under your control. Don't waste your time, money, and effort on the very limited results you get from store-bought whitening products, use a system that you can trust, under the control and guidance of our dentists.

Do store-bought whitening products work?

The short answer to this is "yes, but…." The longer answer would go into the percentages of peroxide used in products that are not prescribed versus products that are prescribed. Much like over the counter pain relief medication, versus prescribed pain relief medication; patients can purchase whitening products with much more limited effects. The results will be less, and the time to achieve them will take longer. This is important to note because there are reasons that there are prescribed kits. Whitening products can cause pain, discomfort, and damage if used improperly. Soft gum tissue can get burned, and teeth can experience painful sensitivity. The safest results come when teeth are whitened under the care of your dentist.

How did my teeth get so dirty?

We use our teeth all day long, every day. With time, they begin to show the effects of this constant use. We tend to automatically assume stained teeth to be an indicator of a couple of different ideas, either the person is older, or the person doesn't brush and clean their teeth. Neither idea is ideal. We can remove years of stains from normal use, helping you look younger, cleaner, and brighter. Teeth become stained from:

  • Drinks With Tannic Acid: Whether you love to drink coffee, soda, or tea, the same thing that gives those drinks their dark color will also give your teeth that same dark color. People use these products to stain paper when making crafts. This same technique also stains your teeth.
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco: The nicotine and tar that is found in tobacco products stain teeth. Nicotine may seem to be colorless, but when it is exposed to oxygen it turns yellow.
  • A Variety of Foods: From tomato sauces to soy sauces, to berries and more, there are many dark colored food items that we eat every day that stains our teeth.

Having My Teeth Whitened In-Office

Our dentists have two options of teeth whitening available: either in the office, or at home. For home use, we can create a customized treatment kit for you. It will include a stronger prescription of peroxide than you can purchase in a store and trays that are customized to fit your mouth. The take home kit will take between one and two weeks depending on how you choose to whiten your teeth. Your dentist will walk you through your options.

If you would prefer to have your teeth cleaned in office, we can remove the years and stains from the surface of your teeth in about one hour. Using a highly concentrated solution of peroxide and laser treatment, we can remove the dirty, dingy look that comes from natural wear. Under the guidance of your dentist, we can reduce the chance of the soft tissue getting damaged, and oversee the tooth sensitivity. We can give you a smile to be proud of.

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