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Federal Way, WA man smiling after his successful root canal treatment by his dentist.When the inside portion of a tooth becomes infected, the only way to save the tooth structure is with root canal therapy. Our dentists and our team at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates can remove the source of irritation and restore your tooth to health with the placement of a dental crown. If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity to hot or cold, contact our office for an examination. We want our patients to have a healthy smile.

When a tooth has been compromised, bacteria can find its way inside. The most common cause of internal tooth infection is due to a deep cavity. Other reasons can include bacteria finding a passage through minuscule cracks and fractures in a tooth, from a tooth being jarred from an impact injury, or if a tooth has had a previous filling that has shrunk or had a tiny space between the filling and tooth. It takes very little bacteria to cause a serious problem.

Once bacteria has found the passage, it will then continue to fester, irritating the material inside your tooth. As it attacks the pulp, the nerve will most likely respond with severe pain. At this point there are only two options, Root Canal Therapy or extraction; the tooth will not be able to heal on its own. In fact, if the patient chooses to ignore the problem, there is a possibility of the infection spreading to neighboring teeth causing the need for multiple teeth to be treated.

What is root canal treatment?

Once your dentist has determined that root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth, and the patient consents, we will first numb the area to increase the patient’s overall comfort. Many people mistakenly think that a Root Canal is a painful procedure, it’s not, what is painful is the infection that is raging inside your tooth. Your dentist releases that pain by removing the source that is causing it.

With the patient numb, your dentist will open up the tooth. The inner portion of the tooth is removed. This will include the pulp, nerve, and the bacteria that is causing the trouble. This inner portion of your tooth was necessary when the tooth was growing, but once it is fully grown the material is no longer needed. Your dentist will then cleanse the canal with a wash and fill the space with an antibacterial rubber material. The tooth is closed up with a composite filling. In most situations, we will then recommend that the patient has a customized dental crown created to fit over the tooth. The strength of the tooth has been compromised by us entering it, weakening the tooth. The best way to save the natural tooth structure in the long term is to shield it with a dental crown.

With the source of the infection removed, the tooth closed up and covered with a dental crown, you now have a fully functioning healthy tooth. You will be able to chew with it and use it as you normally would.

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