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Illustration of a dental crown, as seen in dentist office in Federal Way, WA.Dentistry involves two main functions, to encourage oral hygiene helping our patients maintain healthy teeth, and to restore their teeth when disease or infection is present. Dental crowns and bridges are two different restorative devices that we can customize and install to restore your oral health. Our dentists, along with our entire team at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates, will help you have the healthy teeth you want, improving not just your oral health, but impacting your overall health.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown sometimes referred to as caps, is a customized tooth-shaped shell that is designed to fit over a damaged or weakened tooth, entirely surrounding it. It will protect the natural tooth beneath, allowing you to maintain the tooth’s root, and restore your bite. Dental crowns are designed to be strong and durable, allowing you to chew with normal function. Patients need dental crowns when:

  • The Natural Tooth Is Fractured: When a tooth is fractured, cracked, or broken, we can restore the tooth's shape and size, allowing you to once again chew with it, with the placement of a dental crown.
  • Following a Root Canal Therapy Procedure: A root canal procedure weakens the natural tooth, causing it to become brittle. Depending on the placement of the tooth, we will most likely recommend a dental crown be placed over the tooth to provide it protection from breakage.
  • To Cover Misshaped, Discolored Teeth: Faster than braces, some patients may choose to cover their teeth with dental crowns or caps. We can give teeth a whiter, straighter, more even appearance with the placement of dental crowns.
  • With the Placement of a Dental Bridge: A dental bridge is retained with the use of dental crowns on either end supporting the false teeth between.

Dental Bridge

Illustration of a dental bridge, as seen in dentist office in Federal Way, WA.A dental bridge is a permanent restorative dental prosthetic that is used to replace missing teeth. When a patient has lost a tooth, there can be a chain reaction of dental problems that follows. Some of the problems include the neighboring teeth shifting, this may not sound like a problem, but unlike when a dentist pulls a tooth to create extra room, a missing tooth means that teeth are shifting out the dentist's control. There is also a decreased ability to chew foods evenly, your bite can be affected, and the patient can suffer from TMJ dysfunction. We can stop those problems by filling in the space of the missing tooth with a false tooth.

A dental bridge is a single piece that includes a dental crown on either end, which is placed over two healthy anchors, either teeth or dental implants, with a false tooth or multiple teeth between. A dental bridge is a permanent restoration meaning it is non-removable and should last you many years. By placing a dental bridge, you are protecting your oral health, restoring your ability to chew properly, and improving the look of your smile.

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