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Federal Way, WA man smiling about the white fillings he received from his dentist in Federal Way, WA.Our patients want to have their teeth restored, without the whole world being able to see the dental work that was done. We agree. Your dental restorations should be invisible in your mouth, blending in with all of your neighboring teeth. The best way to get the look you want is to have your cavities restored with composite fillings. Our dentists, along with our staff at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates, can give your teeth a look you want, giving you more reasons to want to share your smile.

What is composite filling?

When making repairs on teeth, there are a few different options. Large dental repairs will require a more substantial restoration; this may include a dental crown, an inlay or an onlay. Smaller repairs can be done with amalgam fillings or composite fillings. Traditionally, patients received amalgam fillings, this material is known for its strength, durability, and longevity, but patients tend to hate the dark silver color. The thought used to be that amalgam was the preferred material due to its strength, but that is no longer true. The composite filling has become an equivalent material in strength and durability while also matching the color of your teeth; it can even be used to repair your back molars where the chewing pressure is at its highest.

The composite filling material is made from a blend of quartz and resin that can be shaded to match your natural teeth color. At first, the composite filling is a putty-like material; it is initially soft and malleable, allowing your dentist to form it to the desired shape. Once placed, the composite material is then hardened, where it will be strong and durable, allowing you to resume chewing the foods that you normally do. We use this material to fill cavities and to repair simple chips and fractures.

Our patients have been happy with the composite filling material, and it offers some benefits including:

  • Composite Filling Is Strong: In years past composite was not known for its strength, and was not used on chewing surfaces, but the material used today is stronger and can withstand the pressure of normal chewing.
  • Composite Fillings Blend In: Patients love the more attractive look of this tooth colored material. No one wants to see the dental work they have had done, they want their teeth to look flawless.
  • Composite Filling Material Does More: We not only use this material to restore the damage done from decay, but we can fix damage including chips, cracks, fill gaps and repair fractures all with composite material.
  • Composite Fillings Are Durable: The dental restorations that your dentist makes with the composite filling material will last you several years. The restorations made with this material are long lasting and durable.
  • Repairs Are Made While Removing Less of the Natural Tooth: Composite fillings adhere to the tooth, this is unlike amalgam fillings. With amalgam, we need to remove portions of the natural tooth to create a space for the amalgam to rest inside because it does not adhere. With composite, we only need to remove the damaged portion, because the material will remain in place.

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