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Close up of Federal Way, WA man inserting a clear aligner tray onto his top teeth.Many of our adult patients would love to improve the look of their teeth, without the awkward look of youth that comes with traditional metal braces. Our dentists, along with our team at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates, can help you straighten your teeth, giving you a more aesthetic, professional look, without metal, and in less time. Clear Correct Aligners are designed to discreetly shift your teeth faster than traditional braces while helping you keep your dental work private. We are happy to review your oral health and help you determine if Clear Correct Aligners is right for you.

Clear Correct Aligners do not use brackets or wires. Instead, we customize a series of plastic trays that are designed to fit over your teeth. Every two weeks you simply move to the next aligner in the customized sequence, each designed to slowly shift your teeth into the desired position.

Our patients love this system for some reasons including:

  • Fewer Office Visits: require regular tightenings by a dentist, that means frequent office visits and a large amount of time in the dental chair. The more time you spend in the dental chair, the more cost and the less time you spend doing other things.
  • Clear Correct Aligners Are Discreet: Because this product is made with a clear polymer, they are barely visible, in fact, most people you encounter will never know that you are wearing them.
  • They Are Removeable: Are you attending a special event that you want to look your best for? No problem, the clear aligners are removable. Though we want our patients to wear their aligners most of the time, the occasional special event will not damage the results you are working to achieve. Simply replace the aligner following the event.
  • No Dietary Restrictions: Traditional braces require patients to be cautious of what they eat. With the clear aligners, you do not have to avoid sticky or crunchy foods. You also never have to worry about food being stuck in brackets. You simply remove the aligners while you eat and replace them once you have eaten.
  • Easier to Brush and Floss: A frequent complaint among patients with wire and bracket braces is the inability to properly brush and floss. With Clear Correct Aligners you simply remove the aligner to brush and floss as you normally would and then separately brush your aligner.
  • Your Soft Tissue Will Not Be Cut or Rubbed: Another common complaint among patients with wire and bracket braces is that the brackets run against the inner soft tissues of their mouth, cutting their cheeks or rubbing them raw. With the Clear Correct Aligners there is nothing to rub or catch on your soft tissue, so there will never be cuts or abrasions.

Clear Correct Aligners are not for every patient. There are some orthodontic problems that require the more specialized care that traditional wire and brackets can repair. Clear Correct Aligners are designed to adjust only front teeth; it will close gaps, reduce overcrowding and straighten your front teeth. Following an evaluation, your dentist will help you decide if Clear Correct Aligners are right for you.

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