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Restorative Dentistry
Federal Way, WA

Crowns and Bridges

Restorative Dental Patients of Tran Family Dentistry Federal Way, WAA dental crown sometimes referred to as caps, is a customized tooth-shaped shell that is designed to fit over a damaged or weakened tooth, entirely surrounding it. A dental bridge is a single piece that includes a dental crown on either end, which is placed over two healthy anchors, either teeth or dental implants, with a false tooth or multiple teeth between.
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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solution to missing teeth, and consist of titanium rods, which we surgically place into your jawbone. As you heal from surgery, the bone, and the implant fuse together, creating a "root" on which your new prothetic tooth, or teeth, will rest.
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Bone Grafting

When you lack sufficient bone mass in your jaw to successfully support dental implants, a bone graft can help to restore strength and structure.
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Root Canal Therapy

When the inside portion of a tooth becomes infected, the only way to save the tooth structure is with root canal therapy. This includes removing the source of irritation and restoring your tooth to health with the placement of a dental crown.
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When your teeth are compromised, we do everything that we can to save them. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, saving these teeth just isn't possible and extraction becomes necessary.
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Full Dental Restorations

When your teeth have suffered damage (such as chips), or have fallen out, you may do everything you can to hide your smile. At Tran Family Dentistry & Associates, we can help to restore the beauty of your smile with a full dental restoration.
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Inlays & Onlays

When a tooth needs more intensive care than a conventional dental filling can provide, but it has not been damaged enough to justify a crown, then we here at Tran Family Dentistry & Associates may advise a routine dental procedure known as a dental inlay or a dental onlay to help repair the tooth.
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